White Akarkara Medicinal Seeds ( Anacyclus Pyrethrum )

White Akarkara Medicinal Seeds ( Anacyclus Pyrethrum )

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White Akarkara Medicinal Seeds ( Anacyclus Pyrethrum )

Scientific Name:- ( Anacyclus pyrethrum)
Shape:- Ring
Size:-0.5 cm
Color: -Brown
Usage:  Germination
Age:  Fresh
Origin:  India
Packing: -5, 10,20,25,50 (P/P)
Availability :- Throughout the year

Details :
Common name:  Akarkara
Hindi Name:  Akarkara
Botanical name: Anacyclus pyrethrum

Family : Anacyclus pyrethrum (pellitory, Spanish chamomile, or Mount Atlas daisy) is a perennial herb much like chamomile in habitat and appearance. It is in a different family (Asteraceae) from the plants known as pellitory-of-the-wall (Parietaria officinalis) and spreading pellitory (Parietaria judaica).
It is found in North Africa, elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, in the Himalayas, in North India, and in Arabian countries.
Medicinally, pellitory root has a pungent efficacy in relieving toothache and promoting a free flow of saliva and making it popular as a food spice. It induces heat, tingling and redness when applied to the skin.
More recently Anacyclus pyrethrum has been noted for its anabolic activity in mice .
The variety depressus (sometimes considered a separate species, Anacyclus depressus), called mat daisy or Mount Atlas daisy, is grown as a spring-blooming, low-water ornamental.

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