Vetiver Grass Seeds

Vetiver Grass Seeds

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Propagation of vetiver cannot be done by seeds. So it is plant sold in form grass slips with root. Vetiver Grass an Eco Friendly Solution to Geo Synthetical Problems. This Grass help Prevents the Soil Erosion. A Herb, which grows up to a height of 5ft above the ground and reaches a root length of 4mts in a span of 3 years.

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    What is Vetiver?

A Herb, which grows up to a height of 5ft above the ground and reaches a root length of 4mts in a span of 3 years.

Vetiver grass is the key element in a low cost and efficient system, for soil and water conservation, infrastructure stabilization, pollution control, waste water treatment, mitigation and rehabilitation, sediment control, prevention of storm damage and many other environmental protection applications.

This grass is the main component to all Vetiver System bioengineering and conservation applications. The plant is unique. It can be used in the tropics and semi tropics, and areas that have a Mediterranean type climate where there are hot summers, and winters are temperate.

Following are the applications of VETIVER :

  • Soil Erosion

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Land Sliding

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Mine Field Rehabilitation

  • Spoiled Soil Rehabilitation

  • Vetiver grass also known as: Vetiver grass, vetiver grass slips, vetiver grass tillers, grass for soil erosion, grass for soil erosion protection, grass for slope stabilization, Natural Waste Water Treatment, Mine Field Rehabilitation, Spoiled Soil Rehabilitation, grass with deep roots

Why Vetiver?

Although many grasses and trees have been tried over the years as measures to prevent erosion, to date only Vetiver grass has stood out.

How it Works?

  • When planted, the grass quickly forms a dense permanent hedge which will reduce water flow velocity.

  • The canopy of grass will reach a height of 2 meters in a span of 4 months, which changes direction & flow of water velocity.

  • It has stiff and erect stems which can stand up to relatively deep water flow. Its sharp leaves and aromatic roots repel rodents, snakes and similar pests.

  • Root length reaches 4 meters in 3 years.

  • Its strong fibrous root system penetrates and binds the and can withstand the effects of tunneling and cracking.

  • When roots interact with the soil it forms a dense matrix of roots with the roots around it hence increasing Tensile strength.

  • Roots are very strong with high mean tensile strength of 75 MPa or 1/6th of strength of mild steel.

  • It is perennial and requires minimal maintenance.

Vetiver grass slip, approximately 2 m high, with a solid thick and primarily upright base system regularly estimating more than 3 m. In addition, it is through quality a hydrophyte, yet sometimes flourishes under xerophytic environs.


  • Average temperature 18 - 25º C

  • Median temperature of the coldest month 5ºC

  • Supreme least - 15ºC

  • When ground cools grass typically dies

  • Development of Vetiver grass slip generally begins over 12ºC

  • Temperatures of hot summer (25ºC +) needed for fast development. (acknowledged to endure temperatures of over 55ºC)