Sunflower Red and Brown Flower Seeds

Sunflower Red and Brown Flower Seeds

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About Sunflower Red and Brown Sunflowers are easy to grow, long plant need staking as they tends to fall in high wind & when the plant goes for seeds & flower as the top of the plant becomes heavy. Sunflower can be use as cut flower for house vase. The bloom size is good almost 6” to 8” Inch. There are many different varieties of Sunflower & most of the varieties of sunflower are in color of either yellow or light yellow but unlike other varieties of sunflower with yellow color, Sunflower Velvet Queen is amazing & beautiful. The color of the flower is dark maroon, kind of chocolate color & like velvet & so the name is “Velvet Queen”. The bloom stays for long period almost for 6 to 8 days in plant & then it go for seeds if not been cut. The advantage of people planting it seeds is that

1) It is very easy to grow

2) It has beautiful flower

3) You can save your own seeds & can multiply plants

Sowing Method :- Take Pot or directly sow seeds in ground. Put the seeds 1” inch dept & maintain a distance of 12” Inch apart atleast from one another as sunflower grows tall. keep the soil moist until it germinates & keep watering well daily. Sunflower grows well & fast if provided proper watering & Caring. Though sunflower can thrive in poor soil or with little care but would still recommend to care for watering & if possible use organic fertilizer & manure after an interval of 15 days of seeds germination. The velvet queen variety will grow tall up to 4 Feet or more in height. Plant the seeds in location which gets direct sunlight for 4 to 6 hours a day. Sunflower prefers full sun so please do not plant in shade or dark areas. Don’t over water or check if there is any water log otherwise the seeds will get rot & will not sprout.

Summing Up Key Points :-

1) Put the seeds 1” Inch under soil & 12” inch apart from one another.
2) Water Well & Keep the soil Moist
3) Keep the plant in location which receives full sun for 4 to 6 hours a day
4) Stake the plant when growing
5) Do not use chemical fertilizer directly at plant, will recommend to use organic fertilizer which is harmless to plant. Moreover sunflower does not require much care about fertilizer & pesticides.
6) Bloom will start after 60 days.