Neem Cake (Oiled)

Neem Cake (Oiled)

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We are engaged in offering excellent quality Neem Cake (Oiled) to our valuable clients.
Description & Uses:-
Category:-  Fertilizer
Color: – Brown 
Usage: – Used as Manure 
Origin: – India 
Packing: -50, (P/P/Jute bags) 
Availability: – Throughout the year 

OILED NEEM CAKE is organic byproducts of Neem seed oil production. Neem cake acts as manure and pest repellent for agriculture. It also protects plant roots reduces alkalinity in the soil by producing organic acids and it is harmless to non- target beneficial organism like pollinated honeybees, mammals & other vertebrates.
It extracted from Neem Fruits, It contains less Azadirachtin than Deoiled Neem cake. It is used for broad application. This can be applied to the total area of plantation. It has NPK in a moderate form. Compare with Deoiled Neem Cake it low in rates.