Marigold French Mix Flower Seeds

Marigold French Mix Flower Seeds

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Product Name

Marigold French Dwarf Mix

Days to Germinate:


Sowing Depth:

Surface / Cover lightly

Sowing Method

Direct sow, transplant recommended

Sowing Media

Average, well-drained


till germination and sparingly afterwards


Prefers full sun

About Marigold :-

Marigold dwarf mix (Tagetes patula) is also known as dwarf French marigold. These bright flowers tolerate poor soil, heat, humidity and drought, growing and producing seeds in just one season. Even though dwarf marigolds are very adaptable, they do not tolerate shady areas or waterlogged soil. To determine if dwarf marigolds are the right annual for your summer garden, consider a few facts before planting. escription Dwarf marigolds commonly reach 6 to 8 inches tall, with a few varieties growing to 12 inches tall. The feathery green leaves forms clumps under the double blossoms. The marigolds produce yellow, orange and red blooms, including bicolored types like yellow petals with red markings.