Kaju Fruit Seeds ( Anacardium Occidentale )

Kaju Fruit Seeds ( Anacardium Occidentale )

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Scientific Name:- Anacardium occidentale

Usage: –Germination (not for oil extraction)

Age: -Fresh(less than a year, good for germination

Origin: – India

Packing: -5, 10,20,25,50 (P/P)

Availability: – Throughout the year

he cashew, scientific name Anacardium occidentale, is a tree in the family Anacardiaceae which produces a seed that is harvested as the cashew nut. Its English name derives from the Portuguese name for the fruit of the cashew tree, caju (Portuguese pronunciation: [ku]), which itself is derived from the indigenous Tupi name, acajú. Originally native to northeastern Brazil, the tree is now widely grown in tropical climates for its cashew apples and nuts. Habitat and growth

The tree is large and evergreen, growing to 10-12m (~32 ft) tall, with a short, often irregularly shaped trunk. The leaves are spirally arranged, leathery textured, elliptic to obovate, 4 to 22 cm long and 2 to 15 cm broad, with smooth margins. The flowers are produced in a panicle or corymb up to 26 cm long, each flower is small, pale green at first, then turning reddish, with five slender, acute petals 7 to 15 mm long. The largest cashew tree in the world covers an area of about 7,500 square metres (81,000 sq ft), it’s located in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Anacardiaceae family. Some people are allergic to cashew nuts, but cashews are a less frequent allergen than other nuts or peanuts.