Candytuft Flower Seeds

Candytuft Flower Seeds

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About Candytuft Flower Seeds 
  1. The candytuft plant (Iberis sempervirens) is a European native that has adapted well to most USDA zones. The 12- to 18-inch beauty is a flowering, evergreen perennial with a few must do’s for appropriate candytuft care and continued performance. Uses for Candytuft Plant 
  2. Botanically known as Iberis semperiverns, masses of striking blooms appear on the well-kept candytuft flower. The white candytuft flower is compatible with a range of tall, blooming annuals and perennials and is the perfect height to cover tall, bloomless stems of flowers such as zinnia, cosmos and evening primrose.
  3. Candytuft flowers are handy to cover up declining foliage of early spring blooming bulbs. Candytuft flowers look lovely spilling over a wall or draping from a hanging basket. Now that you know the many uses of this plant and how to grow candytuft, you’ll want to give it a prominent spot in your summer garden.