Alfalfa Grass Seeds  ( Medicago sativa )

Alfalfa Grass Seeds ( Medicago sativa )

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We are the prominent exporter and supplier of premium quality White Sesame Seeds that are a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum. Sesame seeds are a serious allergen to some people including infants. Sesame seeds are a common ingredient in various cuisines. These are used in cooking for their rich nutty flavour. Provided White Sesame Seeds are known for their purity, freshness and can be availed at rock bottom prices.

Product Information :

  • Scientific Name:- Medicago sativa
  • Other Name:- Lucrene , Rajka
  • Shape:- Small granules
  • Size:- 0 .1 cm radius
  • Color:- Yellowish orange
  • Usage: -  Germination (not for oil extraction)
  • Age: -Fresh(less than a year, good for germination)
  • Origin:-  India
  • Packing: -5, 10,20,25,50 (P/P)
  • Availability:-Throughout the year / months
  • Category:- Grass / Fodder / Forage Seeds
  • Details :
  • Botanical name : Medicago sativa
  • Common Name : Alfalfa , Rajka
  • English Name : Lucrene
  • Family : Fabaceae

Alfalfa, Medicago sativa, also called lucerne, is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae cultivated as an important forage crop in many countries around the world. The English name alfalfa is widely used, particularly in North America. But in the UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, the more commonly used name is lucerne. It superficially resembles clover, with clusters of small purple flowers followed by fruits spiralled in 2 to 3 turns containing 10-20 seeds. Alfalfa is native to a warmer temperate climate such as that of Iran (where it is thought to have originated). It has been cultivated as livestock fodder since at least the era of the ancient Greeks and Romans. 
Alfalfa is widely grown throughout the world as forage for cattle, and is most often harvested as hay, but can also be made into silage, grazed, or fed as greenchop. Alfalfa usually has the highest feeding value of all common hay crops. It is used less frequently as pasture.  When grown on soils where it is well-adapted, alfalfa is often the highest-yielding forage plant, but its primary benefit is the combination of high yield per hectare and high nutritional quality.

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